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“Go Here. . . Go There. . . ” Do This. . . Do That. . . ” “Eat This. . . Don’t Eat That. . . ” 

…are the varied voices and conflicting commands we hear from the world, society, and even family and friends.

Whether it be in our personal lives, with our parenting skills, in our relationships, education and business pursuits or dealing health and weight struggles… be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues, there seems to constantly be someone or something out there telling us what to or not to do. This can get quite confusing and overwhelming!

And instead of helping us, and giving us the guidance, comfort and understanding we so desperately seek, they often leave us feeling more lost and alone than before, not knowing where to turn, or what to do. And we cry out: “Is there no one or nothing that can truly help me?”

I am not just another voice out there adding to the cacophony and confusion. I am not here to tell you to come to me and promise you that if you do this then you’ll get that. Instead, I am here to come to you! I want to meet you where you are at and in whatever circumstances you are in.

I am here to help minimize and clarify the confusion to help you know how to tune into your own voice and wisdom and truly hear and receive the guidance and comfort you seek and deserve.

I am here to help you get from where you’re at, to where you want to be.

To work together with you step by step in the way that your own body, mind and spirit need. I’m not a one size fits all kind of person. I believe that everyone is unique and that what works for one doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for another. I do believe that every body, mind and spirit is capable of learning how to come together to be its best and truest Self, to live well and live whole.

That is the voice I wish to be to you and to the world, the voice that helps you find your own voice and allows you to experience for yourself true joyful living.

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Ep. 33: Joy in Being a Mom

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I have had the great pleasure of being a mom for 25 years now. I’ve experienced and learned a lot through those years and just wanted to share with you in this episode some of the lessons I’ve learned and why I love and find such great joy in and enjoy being a mom.