Every year it seems we caught in a struggle of what are the best Christmas gifts to give.

The lists get longer, the prices higher, and the stress and expectations more severe and demanding.

Whether these struggles are real or imagined, created by ourselves or society…we all still like to participate and have JOY in the Holiday Season…no one likes to be a Grinch!

So to help ease your struggle a bit, I’ve created a list of the best gifts that you can give.

These gifts will meet everyone’s needs, especially your own, in making it possible to experience a truly joyful and happy holiday.

Something else about these gifts is that they won’t cost you a thing, you won’t rack up the credit card debt, you won’t have to spend hours in line at the mall, and you’ll save lots of time and hassle not having to wrap up a bunch of boxes and thus be kind to the environment too without all the waste of paper and packaging.

One more thing about these gifts…they are all gifts to give year round! So they’re perfect for always keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.

The 12 Best Christmas Gifts to Give

  1. Presence

Truly one of the greatest presents to give someone is your presence. Whether they say it or know it or not, everyone just wants to be around someone that wants to be around them.

Giving of your presence means being fully present. It means wherever you’re at and whomever you’re with…you’re there!

You’re not wishing you were somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else. You are giving your full attention to the person and place and situation you are in. You are listening, sharing, engaging, interacting and fully BEING PRESENT.

  1. Time

Time tends to be a valuable commodity these days.

So giving of your time is indeed a precious gift to give someone.

Much like giving of your presence, truly giving of your time is something that needs to be given without strings attached or expectations of what you think the outcome should be. Simply taking the time to be with someone doing what they want to do, how and when they want to do it.

You’re not thinking of or worrying about anything, anyone or anywhere else. Again you’re BEING PRESENT right here right NOW.

There will always be another gift to wrap, another card to send, another party to attend…but there will never be another moment to spend that is the very moment right here and now.

And in all your giving of time to others, make sure to give time to yourself too. Take time to take care of you.

Give the gift of time by enjoying that time, being fully involved and present in that time, be it time with a loved one or time with yourself…it will be time well spent.

  1. Love

Love is the strongest most powerful energetic force on earth.

Whatever the human soul, heart, mind or body is ailing from…Love is the answer.

Love has the power to change, shift, alter, create, and heal… ourselves, others, and the world.

Give of your love fully…as with your presence and time, give love without expectation or condition. Love unconditionally.

Love the person you’re with just as they are where they are. Don’t wish them to be or do differently. Simply love them as they are for who they are. And this includes yourself.


One of my favorite Christmas Songs is called “Love is Christmas” by Sara Barellies.

Here are some of the lyrics that express very clearly what a powerful and beautiful gift Love is.

 “I don’t care if the house is packed or the strings of light are broken. I don’t care if the gifts are wrapped or there’s nothing here to open. Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it. Love is simply joy that I’m home. Love is who we are, and no season can contain it, Love would never fall for that. Let love lead us…Love is how we do, let no judgement overrule it…Let Love lead us, Love is Christmas.”

  1. Laughter

It is said and sung that Christmas “’tis the season to be JOLLY”

… not the season to be sad, stressed out, overwhelmed, worried, rushed, and angry.

We certainly seem to have turned it into such a stressful season though with all the commercialism and expectations that we’ve allowed society and our beliefs to create for us. But we don’t have to continue to buy into that illusion.

We can truly make it a joyful and jolly season.

And laughter is a great way to do so.

You can laugh at yourself for forgetting where you parked your car in the crowded mall parking lot. Or laugh with your children for spilling flour and sugar all over while making Christmas cookies. Seeing gifts wrapped with two different types of wrapping paper and connected with mounds of tape can provoke some great spouts of laughter. And of course laughing at those fun and heartwarming Christmas movies we all enjoy watching.

Laughter much like Love has the power to heal. Laughter can change a situation and emotion from one of suffering, worry or anger into peace, calm and joy.

So laugh it up. Love it up. And BE JOLLY.

  1. Play

Again, this is the season to be jolly, joyful, happy, and have fun.

So put down the scissors and the wrapping paper, the greeting cards, the lights and decorations and go play.

And as mentioned in the other previous gifts, the same attitude and mindset applies here to BE PRESENT… be fully present in your playing.

Don’t just pretend to play wishing and wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else with someone else. Don’t be thinking about how many more cards you still need to get addressed and sent in the mail, or who you still have to figure out a gift for, or what you’re going to wear to the party.

Play in the snow or the sand or the flour that spilled all over the floor. Play in the wrapping paper and bows, play a game, play a song and sing and dance along. Simply BE PRESENT and PLAY.

  1. Peace

Peace is definitely a common term and theme that is sung in Christmas songs, written on Christmas cards, made into Christmas decorations, and shared as a popular Christmas greeting.

But there is more to peace than it just being a cool calming word to say and look at.

Peace is something we create.

Peace is something we give.

Peace is something we are.

The only way to truly bring about PEACE on EARTH is to first and foremost bring about PEACE in our own HEARTS and MINDS and HOMES.

If we are not at peace with ourselves and our own lives, then how can we know how to or even think to be able to bring about peace elsewhere.

PEACE… BE STILL …such a powerful phrase and concept.

And as with all the other gifts we’ve discussed so far… Peace is a gift that must be given fully present.

You can’t be at PEACE or give another peace if you’re thinking and wishing of things, people and places other than those with whom and where you are.

So simply enjoy the moment, be okay with it, enjoy the chaos, enjoy the quiet, whatever it is BE at PEACE with it.

  1. Forgiveness

Whether it’s something new that someone did to hurt or offend or an old wound that’s been festering for years, give yourself and others one of the greatest most powerful freeing liberating and life changing gifts ever….FORGIVE.

Let it go.

Don’t let whoever or whatever hurt you, hurt you anymore.

When we don’t forgive we are really only hurting ourselves.

This means forgiving ourselves too… of any shortcomings, poor choices, misdeeds, thoughts or feelings we’ve had.

Holding on to pain, resentment, guilt, shame, regret…just keeps those feelings and emotions alive.

Why would you want any of those… when you could have peace, understanding, confidence, power, happiness and joy instead?

You get all those good feelings and more when you can FULLY and FREELY FORGIVE.

Giving the gift of forgiveness is a great and powerful gift that ultimately gives you more in return than you gave.

That’s a pretty powerful gift exchange!

  1. Exercise

With all the hustle and bustle that goes on during the holiday season, chances are you’re already giving yourself and those you’re dragging along with you through the shopping centers and parking lots, a bit of exercise already.

And that’s all well and good but there’s more you can do to give yourself and your amazing beautiful body that does so much for you a little more love and care through conscious exercise.

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate.”

Being able to move in your body, however able and mobile you are able to be, is a wonderful gift to give yourself and others.

Be it Yoga, Pilates, a trip to the gym or a walk around the neighborhood. Just BE PRESENT in your body and move and grove and love and live and take someone along with you too. It’ll be good for them and good for you.

Another great gift exchange! And one of multiple gifts too because you give of your TIME and PRESENCE as well.

  1. Food

So many treats and sweets and all kinds of food and feasting are available during the holidays.

Plates of goodies are given and received as appropriate and appreciated gifts.

We attend parties with family, friends and co-workers.

Chocolate. Candy Canes. Truffles. Cookies. Cakes. Pies. Toffee. Caramels. And so much more.

Even gigantic sized portions are created and sold as a powerful marketing gift giving idea.

Now I’m not saying here that you should buy and eat it all by any means. Nor am I saying not to eat any of it. (I’m especially giving you permission to eat some good dark chocolate! 🙂 The darker the better. YUM!)

What I am suggesting is that with all the food we have opportunity to eat and give that we simply be a little more conscious of what types of food we’re eating and giving during the holiday season.

By giving yourself and others the gift of good nutritious food you’ll give some other gifts too…not getting sick or beating yourself up after the holidays for gaining weight that you now feel bad about.

Now I’m not saying that you have to give out plates of spinach, kale and broccoli as your neighborhood gifts, nor wrap up giant sized bags of chia seeds, maca powder and plant based proteins for everyone on your list (although it might not be a bad idea…Let’s start a new trend and tradition! hahaha) but simply try and honor and love and care for your amazing body and mind  by PRESENTing it with some alternative choices and gifts of food.

  1. Rest

With all the crazy hustle, the long lists, and many events happening all around us…the holiday season doesn’t really seem to be all that restful.

So giving the gift of rest is a truly treasured token.

This is a great gift to give both to yourself and to others.

For yourself you can simply stop all the crazy going about and just rest and relax. I know, I know…easier said than done but it’s not impossible.

As we discussed in the gift of time…remember there will always be more gifts to buy and presents to wrap, more places to go and things to do… so don’t get so frantic with all the doing and going that you neglect to take time to slow down, be at PEACE, be still, notice and enjoy the moment and simply and calmly and truly REST.

You can give the gift of rest to others and also give gifts of TIME and PRESENCE by offering to take care of some of the things on their list that may be keeping them from feeling like they can fully REST.

And yes I must mention and make clear here yet again the importance of being able to truly and fully rest, meaning that just because you’re sitting still for a minute or even lying down, doesn’t mean you’re truly at rest if your mind and heart is somewhere else, thinking of something else that needs to be done on your list, another gift to buy, or treat to make, or wanting to be somewhere else doing something else with someone else.

So allow yourself to be fully PRESENT in body, mind and spirit…let them be connected and deeply REST.

If you do, then when you do get up and go about the rest of your doings, you’ll do so with greater PEACE, connection, understanding, energy and JOY.

That’s a great gift exchange in and of itself.

  1. Water

With all the Egg Nog, Cider, Soda, and Wine that is so abundant during the season…don’t forget the WATER.

Water is truly a powerful healing elixir of life.

Our bodies are on average about 60% water and you’re losing some of that during all the wild and crazy doing of the holiday bustle, as well as from all the great gift giving exercise you’re giving and getting.

So take it in, drink it down; hydrate your skin, your body, your mind and your soul.

And hey since we’re starting a new trend with giving gifts of good nutritious food, let’s add giving the gift of life giving bottles of water too!

As bonus gifts…give yourself or someone special, the gifts of LOVE, TIME, PEACE and REST along with the gift of WATER by enjoying a nice warm bath!

  1. Gratitude

And last but definitely not least we come to the gift of GRATITUDE.

This gift encompasses all the other gifts in so many ways as well as so many other gifts that have not been mentioned here.

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings Joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.” —Eileen Caddy

You can express gratitude for who you are, for where you are, for what you have. You can be grateful for who you get to be with, for where you get to be with them, for what you get to do with them.

Gratitude for your body and for all the moving and EXERCISEing, wining (WATERing) and dining (FOOD) that you get to do and partake in.

Gratitude for all the LAUGHTER, LOVE and PLAYing you get to share and experience.

Gratitude for all the PEACE you get to give and receive from all the FORGIVENESS you freely give.

Gratitude for all the TIME you have to be alive and living.

Gratitude for all the wonder, magic, and joy to enjoy and REST in.

Gratitude for all the presents and for the very PRESENCE of the season.


Well there you have it. The 12 Best Christmas Gifts to Give. Let me know what kind of feelings and reactions you get from giving these gifts in the comments below. And please share your own great gift giving ideas.

May you find great love and joy and peace in your life this Holiday Season and always.

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