3 Ways Breathing Brings Healing and Living to Life

Breathing can get us through stressful situations without falling apart. It can also heal us physically and emotionally and keep us truly living and not just staying alive.

In my book The ABC’s of Joyful Living I share the experience of how I once had to use the power of my own breath to bring breath and life back into the lifeless body of my son. We’ve all heard of, seen and many probably even experienced this powerful transfer of life giving breath through CPR and such. It’s quite the amazing miracle to witness.

If we have the power to give life and healing to another through our breath, do we not also have the power to give life and healing to ourselves through our breath?

We go through everyday life breathing to stay alive but are we really breathing to live life. Our breath can indeed heal and bring life, love, comfort, peace and joy into our everyday life and make each moment magical and memorable not just manageable.

Here are 3 Ways Breath Brings Healing and Living to Life:

#1 Breathing can quiet, calm and heal the fears and worries of the world in and around us!

Recently I attended a Concert of a popular artist on tour with my daughter. It was loud! Not only the music and singing but the screaming excited voices of the huge crowd around us. I also had a few loud screams going on in my head… wondering if we’d be okay or end up trampled in a mad rampage by some drunken or crazed fan…if my other kids I left at home would be safe while we were gone and if I’d make it standing up for several hours without passing out. These fears and worries as well as the loudness of the crowd and music was making it hard to truly enjoy this moment with my daughter. So I decided to try the healing power of breathing! I looked at my daughter and then at my surroundings, I closed my eyes, even there in the blaring darkness and flashing lights, and tuned into my own inner breathing. I began to slowly and deeply breathe in and out and simply tried to accept this moment just as it was. And as I did, I was able to calm and silence the voices of worry in my head and truly appreciate just being with my daughter. The madness of all the worry as well as that of the screaming crowd and loud music all seemed to become a little quieter and less bothersome and I was able to stand strong and truly enjoy the experience.

When loud voices of worry or fear scream at you in your head or the sounds of the environment around you…be it in traffic, at work or even at home… get too loud and too much to handle—Try tuning in to your breath, take notice of how that calming tone deep within you begins to soften and still the other noises around you and soon you will be able to experience peace, love, joy and magic in the moment.

#2 Breathing helps us feel better about ourselves and heals negative body images we may have!

So often in life, especially among women, we hide and shelter our heart in our chest and our strength in our belly. We walk and sit with hunched shoulders and wrapped arms covering ourselves in shame, worry, regret, guilt, we may have feelings of unworthiness, or are simply trying to shelter and protect ourselves from a deep hurt, rejection or pain. Not allowing ourselves to open up and be vulnerable to the world and others keeps us from showing and thus knowing and accepting our own unique gifts and power.

We open up to our power and strength, grace and beauty when we breathe deeply filling our belly with powerful life giving breath. Just think about that! Life giving breath in our belly??!! Any woman who has ever been pregnant can testify to the power of life that grows in the belly. Yes society says to hide your belly and keep it tucked in unless you’ve got perfectly toned abs to flaunt but that’s society’s definition of who we are to be, not our soul’s definition of who we already are! As we breathe filling up our belly letting it expand fully with life sustaining breath we become more comfortable with our physical self as we can more clearly feel the power of our soul telling us how beautiful and amazing we are regardless if we have well defined abs or not. And the same goes for our hearts. We can open up and breathe deep into our heart and chest regardless of what society says about having strong well defined pecs and collar bones. So send those shoulders proudly wide and back, open that chest and fill your lungs and heart with the breath of life. Hear that healing breath as it opens and expands your heart telling you how strong and powerful and full of light, love and joy you truly are.

#3 Breathing can warm, cool, relax and heal our bodies!

Often there are times when we may be shivering uncontrollably in the cold and no amount of clothing can seem to warm and comfort us. Try your breath.  You can stop the chattering teeth and shivering skin simply by breathing deeply, not only imagining but quite literally creating and sending heat and warmth throughout your body. Other times we may feel we’re suffering with too much heat sweating profusely and our breathing becomes strained, almost gasping for air just to breathe and stay alive. At those times we can become conscious of actually lowering our breath rate and breathe calm and coolness into our body thus slowing down our racing elevated heartbeat and feel more refreshed and comfortable.

We can even use our breath to send peace, calm and healing to a part of our body that may be experiencing pain or neglect or anger. Breathing love and peace to these aching parts of our body and soul brings us into greater alignment and awareness of body, mind and spirit. And when body, mind, and spirit are aligned and working together, we are able to know with deeper clarity of our true worth and feel greater love and appreciation and joy for and in the moments we are able to experience in life.

Being in control of our breath…where, when and how we choose to use and send it throughout our body and mind…does indeed bring healing, wholeness, and peace to our body, mind, and soul… creating a calm, stillness and steadiness in knowing who we are as divine beings of joy, light and love.

Breathe in that breath of life! Don’t just be alive but live life! Live and breathe life in! Breathe in all its beauty, love, peace, and joy.

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