5 Simple Tips for Creating A Healthy Body


“Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well…and not today’s pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man.” —James H. West

Just because health is a large word and concept that encompasses a lot of varying aspects, not to mention several different modes of study and practice, doesn’t mean it has to be something difficult and complicated to achieve. Here’s 5 Simple tips to help you create a healthy body.

  1. Stop the Diets.

I know you’re saying well how’s that possible if I want to lose weight and look good? I’ve got to go on a diet. Well I’m here to tell you that you really don’t. If you want to truly live a long and healthy joyful life you can’t do so by DIEting! The very word itself is all about death not life. So don’t diet! LiveIt! Diets are hard. Diets are frustrating. Diets are all about the can’ts. Diets don’t work for everyone. Diets die out. LiveIts on the other hand are fun and easy once you get it. LiveIts are unique for everyone and work for you however you need them to. LiveIts are exciting. LiveIts focus on all the cans.  LiveIts live on.

What is a LiveIt you ask? In a nutshell it’s creating a lifestyle that works for you. It’s eating living foods that fuel you. It’s developing a new relationship and thought pattern about food and discovering a way to build and maintain a way of living that brings you peace, joy and fulfillment as well as great physical, mental and emotional health. For more information and to get help creating your own LiveIt please contact me for a consult.

  1. Drink lots of good clean water!

Water is a true miracle elixir! Without it we’d die. With it we live! So it makes sense that the more you drink the more you live. Water helps flush toxins out of our system. Water helps things move through our system properly. Water keeps our skin and organs hydrated and functioning properly. Water is life giving and life sustaining. Water feels good and refreshing when we drink it internally and also when we use it externally for recreation especially in the hot summer weather and for cleaning our bodies through bathing.

  1. Move your body!

We spend so much of our day just sitting. We sit in our cars. We sit on our couches. We sit at our desks. We sit at the doctor’s office, the hair salon, the theater….we sit, sit, sit. So get up every so often and move your body. Stand, stretch, bend, dance, squat, jump, twist, spin, walk, run…do whatever you can to create some sort of movement several times a day in your body. It doesn’t have to be for long extended periods of time, any little movement is better than no movement. Just move and get that joyful energy and life force moving through your amazing body.

  1. Love and care for your body!

Our society has made it very difficult for us to truly love our bodies as they are. With all the magazines, movies, TV shows, and commercials that paint and portray flawless skinned, perfectly toned, tanned and very skinny models of what we should look like, not to mention all the nips and tucks and reconstructions that are offered as solutions, or even all the cosmetics and gym memberships that all promote and promise you the perfect body. Well guess what? You already have your perfect body because it’s yours and you are a perfect creation of God. Maybe you haven’t taken the best care of certain parts of your body over the years but you can remedy that simply by deciding to take better care now. Part of that taking care of your body is loving it and being grateful for it and all it’s been through and done to take care of you. Every stretch mark, every wrinkle, freckle, or scar that you have is a mark of beauty to love and honor in your body.

  1. Let your body rest!

With all that we put our bodies through each and every day, it’s important to let them get proper rest. It’s another way that we show love and gratitude for our body. It’s also a way we allow our body to heal and recoup from all the stress and strain we physically and mentally put it through. And by so doing our body will in turn give us more energy, peace, strength, and joy to help get us through all the demands of our daily living.

We’ve all been given a great gift…a powerful amazing body that is truly capable of so much! Take good care of your body and it’ll take good care of you!

How else do you take care of your body?

Next post we’ll discuss simple ways to a healthy mind!



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