5 Tips to a Healthy Spirit Connection

Regardless of our various personal and religious beliefs…there is a great and powerful truth that we all share. We are divine beings here on this earth to experience love and joy. Here are 5 ways to create a healthy spirit connection and have that joyful experience.


“We are not children of the world; we are children of God. We don’t have to allow the false input of a weary world to affect us as it does.”

“In remembering the truth of where we came from, we become more open to the truth of who we are.”

—Marianne Williamson

  1. Believe in a Higher Power

Whatever you feel to call it: God, Universe, Divine Creator, Father in Heaven…just believe in something bigger, someone beyond yourself, some great source that is more powerful, loving and accepting than you can even fully imagine. Knowing that there is someone who loves and cares about you unconditionally and who will guide and help you in all things and who gives meaning to all things, is a great connection and peace to have in life. Having that connection with a higher power gives strength, understanding and comfort in getting through lives difficult challenges. Connecting to a higher power source gives us greater power to achieve more, especially to love and serve more and to experience greater joy than we possible could on our own.

  1. Believe You are Here for a Purpose

Whatever you do, wherever you are, whoever you are in life, you have a purpose for being here. You have gifts, insights, talents, and connections that only you can give to others and the world. We may not always understand our purpose for being here or know how to best go about accomplishing it, but trust that you do. And as you are open to accepting and receiving what that is, you will come to know with greater clarity and understanding just what it is and how to go about fulfilling it. Also just as you have a purpose, know that others do too. As much as we may like to tell others what they’re to do and have control over them, especially our children, it is not our place to do so. We can guide and listen and love but just as we must come to know for ourselves and accept our own purpose and path in life, so must they. As we become better at discovering and living our own purpose, we allow space and time for others to better discover and live their own.

  1. Seek and Share Truth

As we try to discover and understand our own unique purpose here on earth, it helps to know of others who have been able to truly and fully live theirs.  We can seek guidance and understanding through scripture and other wise and powerful writings and teachings of those who have lived and are living their purpose. As we read and discover great truths about ourselves and the world… for the world and all its creations has a divine purpose as well…we naturally want to share them with others. Truth is truth, it is universal, and although the specific application of certain truths may vary from person to person, and congregation to congregation, depending on how they understand and interpret it, the truth as a whole concept is the same for all. When we learn of a great truth that changes our hearts and the way we think and live, we want others to know of it too so that they can come to know it of themselves and in turn share what they know with others. That’s why we have such great scripture and writings to learn from in this world, because others who sought truth, found it, and lived it, desired to share it.

  1. Practice Love and Forgiveness

Among the greatest and most powerful life changing truths there are to know and understand is Love and Forgiveness. Love is healing. Love is miraculous. Love overcomes fear. Love is powerful. Love for ourselves. Love for others. Love for this earth. Love for God. Forgiveness, although often extended in love towards others, is really more a gift of love and peace and freedom we give ourselves. Forgiveness frees our spirits from the bondage of pain, suffering, bitterness, vengeance and anger. Forgiveness is a conscious choice we make to remember and hold to only the loving thoughts and actions of others and ourselves, and completely let go of all the rest. We must practice love and forgiveness in our daily thoughts and actions if we are to create the healing change we desire within ourselves and the world.

  1. Be Open to Change and Correction

We are all here on earth trying our best. In so doing, we will make mistakes. We won’t always get it right every time or with everyone. And thus we need to be open and willing to change course, correct our thoughts, take a different route, try another way, and even to let go of the past and start anew. It may mean changing behavior, changing how we speak, how we feel and ultimately how we think. Real change and correction also comes from letting go of old, false and limiting beliefs and practices we have had about ourselves and others. As we are open to receiving guidance and counsel from those we trust and especially from God, who loves and accepts us completely and wants us to succeed and experience great joy in our lives, we will learn what corrections to make, what beliefs to let go of, and what changes to make in our lives. Sometimes the corrections we are asked or inspired to make may not be very comfortable or easy, they may not even make sense to us as to why. But if we trust their source we can trust that their outcome will be good. Acknowledging that we need help and need to change isn’t a sign of weakness, it is a sign of great strength. Being willing to change for the better is a sign of a healthy spirit connection.

“The only way we’ll have whole lives is if we dwell within the wholeness of our true selves. And we are whole when we are one with God.” —Marianne Williamson

With these tips from the past few posts on creating a healthy body, mind and spirit connection, I hope you’ve been able to see and understand what they are, why they are important to living a joyful life, and how to make them part of your joyful living experience.

Please comment and share your experiences that come from applying these tips.

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