With all the tears and screams and cries that have been let out over the past couple months because of the terrible tragedies raging the nation…

I’d like to cry out for KINDNESS!

The world needs people who are kind.

We need to be a kind people.

To ALL people!

Wherever there is a human being there is a chance for kindness.” –Seneca

Being Kind to all people, includes being kind to ourselves. And that’s where it must start… with ourselves.

We are all ONE!

We are all the people and children of God.

When one hurts and cries in pain. We all hurt and cry in pain. When one hurts and pains another, it hurts and pains us all.

You may be saying to yourself:

“But there’s nothing I can do to stop the pain and tragedy that is raging throughout the world. I’m just little me here in my own small little world where nothing much is happening. Of course, I feel for everyone that is suffering more intimately from the affects of it all. And it makes me sad and mad. It makes me angry! I want to yell and scream and cry. I want to post all kinds of things on social media. I want to stay completely off of social media because I’m sick of the hate and bashing that is going on. I want to do something, but what can I do?”

Whatever it is you’re thinking or feeling or wanting to take action or inaction on. There is one thing that you can do that will make a difference!

It will have an impact no matter what and whether or not you believe it will.


First: Be kind to yourself.

Love yourself. Take time for yourself. Take time to be okay with yourself. No matter what is happening in the world, can you be okay with it because you’re okay with yourself?

Now I’m not saying that with all the terrible things that are happening that you’re just okay with it happening and not feeling any sadness or anything. Of course we feel that. It hurts when others are hurting others because remember we are ALL ONE.

But can YOU still be okay? Meaning, that no matter what others are doing to others in the world, you are not letting it destroy YOU. You still know who you are. You still know the power and strength and peace and JOY that is in you!

You know your worth and your value and your purpose. You will still be okay. You will be able to love and serve and honor yourself and those around you.

You won’t let the world falling apart around you let your world fall apart within you!

Second: Be kind to those closest to you!

Love your children, your spouse, your siblings, parents and friends. Give someone a hug. Tell them you love them. Make them a sandwich. Wash their dirty socks. Sit and talk with them about something important to them. Play a game with them. Buy them a favorite snack or toy. Write them a note, send a text, call and talk on the phone.

Anything you can do to show love and kindness to someone close to you will make a difference. Not only to that person, but also to yourself and ultimately to the world.

For as we are kind to others, they feel grateful and loved and thus want to be kind to others, who in turn feel the effects of that kindness and want to be kind to others and on and on it will go.

Kindness will change the world!

Because a kind act will change that person’s world and it will change your world.

Third: Be kind to those you don’t know.

To those you meet in the street, in line at the store, or on line in the comment and chat posts. Make sure that whatever you are saying and doing and thinking is KIND.

Let someone in front of you in line. Let someone pass you on the road. Let someone say what they need to say however they need to say it in a comment or post but make sure that you only think and feel and post kind thoughts and feelings.

And not everything needs to be liked and commented and posted. Sometimes the kindest things are never said and posted but only thought and felt.

I don’t know how to tell all the families that are hurt and destroyed from all the deaths and hatred that is being spread, that I love and feel for them and wish that there was something I could do for them.

But I do know how to feel love and kindness and acceptance and gratitude in my heart for them.

And I do know how to send a prayer of love and peace and comfort to God for them.

And I do know how to love and hug and embrace my own children and be grateful for them.

And I do know how to stay strong and true to who I am and what I do and not let the hate and pain of the world destroy my world and who I am.

Fear cannot be triumphed if fought with more fear. It must be met and conquered with LOVE.

Hate cannot be overcome with more hate. It must be welcomed and embraced with LOVE.

Anger will not be calmed by more anger. It must be released and forgiven with LOVE.

Pain will not be healed by inflicting more pain. Only LOVE Heals!

“Before the formation of physical reality and the contamination of personal thought, soul and consciousness were the same divine intelligence. Cut off from innate wisdom a lost thinker experiences isolation, fear and confusion. This is why there are so many horrible atrocities throughout the world. Newspapers are full of wars, killings, and children starving. Ignorance of our own inner wisdom is the cause of sin. There would be no sin without such ignorance.

The malfunction of our own personal thought system instigates the breakdown of personal relationships and leads to the crumbling of societies, causing unnecessary suffering and sadness.

This misled thoughts of humanity, alienated from their inner wisdom, cause all violence, cruelty and savagery in this world. Since the beginning, the state of any society is a direct result of its conditioned way of thinking. As you think, so shall you hear.” —Syd Banks

So what are you thinking and hearing and experiencing with all this tragedy?

Are you thinking there is no hope? There is nothing we can do? The world is just falling apart and it’s only going to get worse and worse until it’s completely destroyed? And then what? Are you thinking and feeling panicked, stressed, fearful, anxious, confused, mad and angry? Are you wanting to lash out and scream and cry and give up?

Or are you thinking you’re ready and willing to stand up, look up, reach up and cry out with Kindness and Love?

Are you able to look at all the good and the beautiful and the glorious, miraculous things that are all around you, right in front of you and always available to you? Are you seeing and feeling all the power and love and joy that is within you? And that you can give through love and kindness to yourself and others and thus to the world? Are you able and willing to see and feel and know that we are ALL ONE?

Are you able to see how there is something you can do? Something that will truly make a big difference!

It may only seem small and insignificant if it’s compared to all the big horrible awful things that are happening. But all these big horrible awful things didn’t start out big and horrible and awful.

They started small and simple with someone thinking something outside of the consciousness of the soul that we are ALL ONE.

They started somewhere with someone separating themselves through thought from that great unity and then that thought got someone else thinking that thought and feeling separate and another and another until it got all big and bad and ugly like it is now.

So if that’s how it started, can it not be reversed and changed in the same way?

With one small thought…one small act of KINDNESS?

Can we not return to the thought of oneness and unity and love?

Can we not begin to believe strongly in that thought first for ourselves and then share it with someone else so that they too may feel it and then they will feel loved and unified and allow others to feel the same until it all gets to be big and kind and beautiful like it once was, like it infinitely is and always has and will be?

Love and Kindness do not distinguish between race, religion, color, creed, gender, status, or any sort of belief, preference or practice that would separate us in any way shape or form from ALL being ONE!

There aren’t some people that deserve love and kindness and others that don’t. That very type of separateness thinking is what divides us and leads us in to these states of hate and anger and turmoil that much of the world is in.

We’ve just forgotten what it’s like to think and feel that we truly are ALL ONE!

Because the opposite is so blatantly posted on the web and broadcast in the news!

And we cry and we mourn and we feel pain and sorrow and hurt.

Yes for what is happening. But even more so for what we have forgotten and turned away from.

But we can remember and we can return!

And we do so through small and simple acts of Kindness and love.

We do so by making a CRY FOR KINDNESS! And it starts with ourselves!

What you give, you will get back.

So… Give Love. Give Kindness. Give Hope. Give Peace! Give Joy!



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