Apocalypse Now: How to Prepare for the End without any Fear

End of Days

The Apocalypse? That’s not a very loving and joyful thing for a Joyologist to write about, you may be saying.

Well just because I’m all about love and joy doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good story.

I like the TV shows, Movies and books about the terrible impending end of the world just like any one else.

Whether it be Zombies of the Walking Dead, a terrible virus, Aliens from another planet, a bloody war between nations, atomic bombs, solar flares, earthquakes, floods, fires or any other type of disaster that will destroy the earth as we know it.

It all makes for a good story.

And I like good stories.

However, these stories of the great Apocalypse have really instilled a lot of fear in people and in the overall vibration of the planet. Everyone seems to be on edge, living in almost constant fear of when, and how it’s all going to happen.

And how will we prepare for it?

We’re told to have massive amounts of supplies stored up. And even some feel to build bunkers. Stock up on ammunition and arms to protect and defend ourselves. Have money and medicines stored away.

We worry and wonder and may even feel the need to plunder if we’re caught in such a plight.

What’s going to happen to us? Will we survive? Will we be forced to fight for our lives and fend off friends and foes just to protect ourselves? Are we going to have food and water or will we starve to death? Will we have proper shelter to protect us from the damage and destruction? Or will we become maimed and ugly due to toxic fallout? How about all our prized and treasured possessions? Will they be destroyed? Will we have any money and means to support ourselves and our families in such a disastrous world?

Will the world ever be the same again?

The sad truth about some of these questions is that many people ask them on a daily basis in the world as we know it now. Many actually don’t have the food, water, shelter, protection, possessions, and money that we worry so much about loosing in the great apocalyptic end. So that right there should give us all cause to think and be grateful for a moment. If you are only worrying about what might happen to you and if you’ll survive in some future end of the world scenario you’re a lot better off than those who worry about that on a day to day basis.

The Bible and ancient priests and prophets of many religions throughout the history of the world have preached of a great and final judgement day. Where the wicked burn. The earth destroyed and only the righteous remain.

This too can instill some fear and worry in people. It can also bring about some feelings and actions of hatred creating separation and mistrust among people thinking that one group is better than the other…more righteous, more true and more deserving of being saved…and others should be eliminated and wiped out from existence.

So why am I, a Joyologist, writing about the Apocalypse?

Well recently I learned some things that changed the way I personally view and feel about it now.

Did you know that the word Apocalypse is a Greek word meaning “Lifting the Veil”?

I really like that meaning. It doesn’t imply fear and dread and doom at all.

In fact it gives me hope and joy and peace. It fills me with excitement and makes me feel empowered even enlightened. It makes me want to know more. To connect more. To love and serve and share more.

A veil is something that covers and clouds and keeps others from getting or seeing in to. This veil that has been placed over our eyes and hearts throughout  generations of mankind has allowed us to create all kinds of stories and theories of what might be on the other side…hence the many stories and beliefs of what the Apocalypse is.

Living behind this veil has also created one of the biggest and most destructive and dangerous illusions of all mankind: Separation.

Separation from the Universe, from God, from each other, from ourselves, our bodies, minds, and spirits, from our divine connection, from our purpose, from our power.

But what if what is actually on the other side of the veil isn’t all darkness, doom, despair and destruction?

What if it is something wonderful? Something beautiful and amazing? Something that isn’t separation but rather connection. Love. Peace. Understanding. Oneness. Wholeness.

And what if this veil isn’t just some big end of days reveal of everything? What if it’s something that we can lift and see into and gain insight and understanding in every single day?

Rather than a big scary final end of days that we have no control over…the Apocalypse…The End of the World.

Why not a simple calming every day choice that we do have control over? Where we choose to live every day as an end of days? An old day to be done with. To have let go of. To have forgiven. To have learned from.

And choose to make each day a new beginning of days? A new day to start over with. To welcome. To open up to. To learn and grow in. To see and live and love a little better than we did the day before.

Choosing to live each day, each moment, as an end and a beginning of days, becomes one that we have total control over, and is a lot less worrisome and fearful.

We can put an end to the fear, the separation, the worry, the plundering, the hoarding, the gloom and doom. We can daily and continually lift the veil that clouds us from feeling real connection, love and peace.

We can live Apocalypse Now. We can lift the veil of separation and fear NOW.

And with fear gone… only love, peace and joy remain.

Just imagine. If we all lived each and every day, each and every moment of every day, as an end of days… letting go of fear and hatred and separation…and started each new day with love and joy and connection, then no matter what the actual “End” may hold, we won’t have to worry and fear for it because we’ve already been living the end of days each and every day and we’ve survived just fine.

And not only have we survived but we’ve thrived in living in love, and peace and service and compassion and understanding and connection. And those will get us through anything that may be awful or stressful or destructive far better than fear, anger, or hatred ever will.

So rather than be stressed and fearful planning for the worst in some future end. Why not just love and share and live for the best in each moment right now.

What if all the time and energy and money we spent on building bunkers and stocking up our supplies or panicking and stressing about our physical, emotional and spiritual survival…all of which only separates us and keeps the veil down, clouding our view and understanding even more…was actually spent on lifting the veil and building true connection with others and the divine, letting others in and sharing of our great abundance, feeling and expressing deep love and peace for ourselves and others?

What if each day we chose to take responsibility for our own choices and really learned from the consequences of our decisions? What if we chose not to be consumed in blaming and shaming and separating ourselves and others? What if we stopped stressing and panicking about the future possibility of our survival and just did our best every day with every circumstances we’re in?

What a different world that would be!

And if everyone lived that way we would all be stocked up with plenty of peace, lots of love, and massive moments of joy. That would create a much different “End” than one of destruction and fear.

The Apocalypse doesn’t have to be an evil scary thing to dread. It can instead be a beautiful glorious thing to behold.

As we choose to lift the veil in our own lives and not give into fear and separation we will prepare ourselves and the world for a magnificent end. Whether that end comes today, or tomorrow or twenty thousand years from now.

We can each day, each end of days, each beginning of a new day choose to…

Lift the veil and see ourselves connected as one with God, the Universe and all creation.

Lift the veil and feel peace and joy in each moment we get to live and experience.

Lift the veil and be filled with gratitude for every blessing, lesson, and opportunity we receive.

Lift the veil and allow love, abundance, beauty, and understanding to flow freely into and from our hearts.

I believe it is a choice we get to choose. A fearful Apocalyptic End? Or a joyful Apocalypse Now?

I choose joy now and in so choosing believe I will also have great joy in the end.

How about you? What do you choose? What kind of Apocalypse do you want to believe and live in?

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