Breathe to Live & Live to Breathe – An Exercise in Joyful Living


The phrase “Breathe to live” is so obvious that it may seem ridiculous to even mention it here. Yet, since it is an autonomic function, meaning our bodies perform it involuntarily, I’ve found that few people are conscious of the sheer power to find peace and joy in breathing.

You see, we not only breathe to live but we live because we breathe. Breathing is the very first thing we do when we enter this life, and the very last thing we do when we leave it. Breathing is essential to life and, since we were created to live a life of joy, breathing needs to be a part of that joyful living.

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”
– Oprah Winfrey

Conscious Breathing

It goes without saying that the longer you breathe the longer you’ll live. But do you just want to live long, or do you want to live well? How you breathe, and how you think about your very breath, will help determine the kind of life you choose to live.

As an exercise in joyful living, conscious breathing has few equals. An obvious extension of the principles of awareness and mindfulness, your body, brain, and heart will thank you and reward you for breathing consciously. When you breathe in, you allow oxygen to enter and enrich your bloodstream. This fills you with greater energy, strength, peace and clarity. As you breathe out, you release carbon dioxide and with it any negativity, stress, strain, and confusion.

Breathing can also create great peace and calm, warmth and joy, whenever you are angry, afraid, frustrated, hurt, or confused. Any difficult or emotionally charged experience is more manageable when you can breathe through it.

If you breathe through it, you’ll live through it.

Breathing for Healing

There are many great modes of meditation and visual imagery that require specific breathing techniques. These techniques will help you connect with your source and the divine within. Simple deliberate breathing can calm your mind, relax your body, and strengthen your soul. It can open your mind to new ideas and paths to pursue. It brings clarity and understanding. It allows you to enjoy and be grateful for every little moment in life.

As long as you breathe, you live and thus, joy lives.

Are you surprised at the sheer power of breathing to help you live a life of joy? Are you curious about how you can breathe to live and rediscover joy in your daily life? If so, go grab a copy of my book, The ABCs of Joyful Living, and let me know how the steps I outline in it have helped you have more joy.

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