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Curious Sue–A Personal Tale of Self Discovery

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I thought for this next post on Curiosity I’d try something a little different. In the spirit of some of my favorite stories of “Curious George”,  I wrote my own personal tale of self discovery. How I learned to experience more JOY in my life. As you read my little story I hope that you can see yourself in some of it and desire to discover more fully your own personal power and joy. “Curious Sue” Once there was a little brown eyed curly haired girl named Sue. Sue grew up in a house full of people. She had siblings…

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Everything Works Out But The Journey Never Ends

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I’ve been reading the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. It is an incredible book. Go get a copy and read it! This is my own saying I’ve come up with that sums up what I’ve read so far: “Everything works out in time it’s what you do everyday in the meantime that determines how they’ll work out.” No matter what it is you’re struggling with, be it financial frustration, health habits, child concerns, or business blocks, everything is going to work out one way or the other. Either you’ll gain financial freedom or you won’t, you’ll get healing…

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