Curious Sue–A Personal Tale of Self Discovery

I thought for this next post on Curiosity I’d try something a little different. In the spirit of some of my favorite stories of “Curious George”,  I wrote my own personal tale of self discovery. How I learned to experience more JOY in my life. As you read my little story I hope that you can see yourself in some of it and desire to discover more fully your own personal power and joy.

“Curious Sue”

Once there was a little brown eyed curly haired girl named Sue. Sue grew up in a house full of people. She had siblings both older and younger. Sue was kind of in the middle of the bunch. At times it felt a lot like being in a jungle. Sue was a very curious little girl. She cared a lot about her siblings and parents and other people. She always wanted to help others and tried to always do the right things. But sometimes no matter how much she tried she would sometimes get into trouble. Other times she felt ignored, left out and unappreciated. Sue was happy and grateful to be part of such a good family. But she often felt lost and alone and like something or someone was missing.  She was very curious about all the other people and places out there and believed that someday she’d find who and what she was looking for.

Sue got older. She traveled to far off lands. She met new people. She saw lots of beautiful things. She studied and learned a lot of great things. These travels and studies only made her more curious. She wanted to go to more places, see more beautiful things, learn more and meet more people. But then she met one person who loved her very much and wanted her to stay with him. She loved him very much too and decided that this could be a very curious adventure, so she stayed with him. She was happy. Sue thought that she had finally found who and what she was looking for.

But then one day Sue had an even more curious experience. A baby began to grow inside her. This was by far the most curious and amazing experience in her life. And it only became more amazing and curious when that baby was born and then four more after that. Each one of these sweet little curious children themselves brought so much joy to Sue. She loved them very much. She tried to help them learn and grow through their own curious adventures. Sue was always very curious about what they would do and how they would grow up. They had lots of great and curious adventures together. Sue was certain she had finally found who and what she was looking for.

As time went on and those curious children grew, things began to be a bit more difficult and challenging than Sue thought they ever would be. The man who loved Sue and whom she loved, couldn’t quite handle all the crazy curious stuff that was happening in their little jungle. They tried real hard to make things work out but they eventually parted ways and went to live in separate jungles. Sue still had the five little monkeys/children with her and she loved them and was very grateful for them. But she now felt more lost and alone than she ever had before. She turned to her children, to her family, and friends, she turned to her work, her studies and travels. She kept looking and searching knowing that somewhere someday she’d find who and what she was looking for.

Then one day a most curious thing happened. Sue realized that she had been looking in all the wrong places for all the wrong things. She was trying to find someone and something outside of herself to make her feel whole and happy and complete and full of joy. As she thought upon this, she became more and more curious about what it all meant. And then she finally understood! No matter how far and how long and how wide and vast her search may be, it would never give her who and what she was looking for because who and what she was looking for wasn’t out there any where. It wasn’t in someone else. It wasn’t in someplace else. It was inside her all along!

Now Sue knows that no matter where she goes, or who she’s with or whatever is happening in her life, she will always have who and what she is looking for. She has all the love and joy and peace and power and strength and hope and knowledge that she needs inside of her. She has a piece of the divine in her. Things in her life aren’t always fun and easy. She has many difficult challenges. She still tries to do the right things but sometimes she gets into trouble and other times she feels unappreciated lost and alone. But Sue is very happy with her life and the things she gets to experience and learn from.

She is still very curious and loves to travel and study and learn new things. She meets new people and she loves and appreciates those people very much. They are very special to Sue and they make her very happy. She still has her five curious children living with her and even though they are all getting older they still have many amazing and curious adventures together. She continues to try and help them learn and grow as they are also very curious about their own lives and are figuring out for themselves who and what they are looking for.

Sue keeps learning many great and curious things about herself and life. She loves to share what she learns with her children and others that she meets. She wants them to discover for themselves what she has come to know… that who and what you are looking for is and always will be right inside of you. And once you come to fully realize that…oh the great and many wonderfully curious and joyful experiences you can have!


If you are searching for that someone and something and need some help discovering how you can find your greatest joy and strength I’d love to help. Please comment or contact me for how.


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