The Easiest and Best Way to Achieve All Your New Years Resolutions

So here’s how my 2016-2017 New Year’s went.

The clock was ticking and we were trying to make it back to our hotel room in time to celebrate the big change.

Nice hot pizza boxes in hand. We only had a few minutes til midnight.

The elevator was climbing approaching our floor and then it stopped but the doors refused to open.

We found ourselves stuck in the elevator between floors.

Oh great! This isn’t how New Year’s Eve was supposed to go.

Fortunately we were able to push another floor button sending the elevator there and then somehow it reset itself and when we again arrived on our floor number the doors opened just fine. By the time we got to our room though it was already after midnight. The new year had already come. And we had missed it.

Of course we were still able to fully enjoy the pizza and other treats and drinks we had for the evening and ended up having a great time just my kids and I in a hotel room in California.

I’ve done a lot of thinking since that eventful elevator moment and thus… the writing of this blog post.

We put so much power and excitement into that clock changing from 11:59 to 12:00 every December 31-January 1. Excitement builds as it approaches. Loved ones are near ready to hug and kiss. Fireworks and all kinds of cheers and celebrations are let out. Commitments are made to do things differently this time. Everything is new and life just seems to be better and more hopeful now.

It’s all wonderful happy and exciting stuff to celebrate and commit to. But the thought has been with me… why just then?

The clock changes from 11:59 to 12:00 every single day! That’s 364 other days of the year that we just let pass by without celebrating, without  showing and expressing love to those special people in our life, without committing ourselves to new and better ways of living.

Why are we not celebrating, expressing and committing ourselves every day. We could have that same excitement, fun and joy that we have on New Years, which is only one day out of the year, every single day, every single year!

And then I thought about how we all set New Year’s Resolutions…big grand lofty goals to achieve, all noble and great things to accomplish, or become. And how many of these seem to get a huge gust of life and commitment at first but within just a few weeks they’re already loosing steam and we’re soon giving up on them and often on ourselves.

So what if instead of setting such big goals every year and thus in a way setting ourselves up for failure, we simply set them every day? That way we’re never failing but always achieving because every day, even every minute of every day, we have the chance and the choice to start over, to be better, to do more, to change, to let go, to forgive, to enjoy, to celebrate, to love.

You want to loose 10 pounds? Eat more healthy? Exercise more?

Just take it one day, one moment, one bite, one thought, one walk, one workout, one pose, at a time. And in no time you’ll get there. Far quicker and better than beating yourself up for not exercising, for eating that cookie, for thinking you’re weak or uncoordinated, ever will.

Want to have greater financial independence? Start a business? Have more money?

Again, one day, one bill, one payment, one paycheck, one shopping trip, one email, one post, one letting go of a false belief about money and instead opening up to all the abundance available to you, at a time will get you there better and more firmly rooted than overworking, neglecting and denying your family and yourself, or thinking you’ll never have enough, ever could.

Want to become more knowledgeable? Learn a new skill? Travel more?

One book, one class, one try, one video, one lesson, one trip, one moment at a time is going to get you to the things and places you wish to be with a lot more fun and joy and success than telling yourself you can’t, or don’t have the money or time or talent to do so.

Want to have more love in your life? Find that special someone? Enjoy that perfect relationship?

Well one more time…one day, one hug, one kiss, one kind word, one moment listening to another, one act of service, one text, one call, one date, at a time is going to bring more love and joy and peace into your life than feeling sorry for yourself, annoyed by others, being angry and resentful of past hurts, possibly can.

So hopefully you get the point here.

Thus the simple steps to achieving all your New Years Resolutions (and any other goals):

  • Take whatever it is you wish to achieve.
  • Break it down into small simple daily tasks.
  • Celebrate yourself and each thing every time you do it.
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t do what you set out to do, but just let it go and choose to start again.
  • Be excited about the clock changing each day from 11:59 to 12:00… hopefully you’re asleep most nights during that time but when you do wake, celebrate and cheer that it’s a new day for a new you and a new way to be.
  • Remember that you’ve got every minute of every day of every year so don’t give up.

Well here’s to all your New Years and Everyday Resolutions coming true. May this year and each day be the best ever. Filled with joy and love and gratitude for all you are and all you get to experience!

I’d love to hear about your resolutions and how you’re doing with achieving them. Please share in the comments below.


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