Finding Joy in Life’s Daily Dance

Not every dance we do in life involves being in the arms of a strong handsome man or having a beautiful lady attached to your side gliding effortlessly across a beautiful dance floor. Sometimes it doesn’t even resemble any sort of actual dancing as we commonly think of it. Sometimes the dance we experience in our daily life can be quite different. Here’s  an example of a daily dance I experienced not long ago.

My partner was my trusty old Ford Escort and the movement we created was more of a frenzied shuffle back and forth across the busy city roads. We started early in the morning with a nice peaceful Waltz to teach a private yoga class. Then came home and the pace quickly picked up: take one son to school and a few minutes later, shuffle out again with a daughter who missed the bus. Shortly after returning from that Tango we did a Quick Step to get the oldest son to work on time. After a break that went by all to quickly, we moved into a bit of a frantic Fox Trot: pick up the one daughter, take her to the dentist, go pick up the other daughter and take her to the dentist, take both girls home and pick up the youngest son and take him to the dentist, bring him home and go pick up the eldest boy from work. Squeeze in a couple quick errands, then go meet up with daughter at the recording studio, at least some music and actual dance beats happened there! Finally, come home, turn off the engine, kick off the dancing shoes, put my feet up and rest for the night.

It wasn’t what you’d consider real dancing but it was a joyful dance nonetheless.  I was grateful, not only for my Escort, who carried me across the roads safely navigating me through the crazy Hustle and bustle of the day, but also for the five precious partners I was able to switch up with and enjoy having along with me for a portion of my daily dance.

“When you dance your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” –Wayne Dyer

Sometimes our daily routines of life can get so routine we forget to notice and find the joy and the movement and the dance in it all. As we go through our daily life, running errands, going to work, or to school, taking kids here and there, are we just trying to get through them and be done so we can cross it off our list of things accomplished for the day? Are we simply trying to get to a certain place, at a certain time, in a certain way? Or are we able to enjoy each moment along the way? Can you enjoy the time you get to spend with your son in the car on the way to school? Can you enjoy the beauty of the trees, the wind, the rain, the sun as you’re driving by? Can you enjoy and appreciate the miracle of actually driving in a car on a paved road? Or your feet and legs as they move you forward on the ground that supports you if you’re walking?

Sometimes too the dancing we do in life can cause lots of blisters and bruises, aches and pains. Sometimes as we dance through life, our partners may decide they don’t want to dance with us anymore and will leave us stranded and alone. Other times some partners may step on our toes, bump us with an elbow, knock us in the face, or even flat out just drop us from a high lift or spin.

When these dance experiences present themselves in life, can you still find the joy in them? Can you see how the bruises, blisters and aches are all signs of determination and strength, proving that you can get through hard things? Can you see how just because one partner chooses to leave you on the dance floor, that doesn’t mean you have to stop dancing? Or if you get your toes stepped on, your face bonked, or dropped flat on the ground…Can you pick yourself up, stand strong and keep moving and dancing? There will be many times throughout your daily dance in life that you will get knocked down, that things won’t go your way, that your toes will get stepped on, that the music will quickly change pace, or slow way down, or just come to a stop…but will you keep dancing anyway?

I believe you can! We’ve all got so much dance in us. So much life, love and joy! Regardless of the circumstances presented to us on our own individual and unique dance floors of life…when we know who we are and why we are here, we truly can find the joy in the movement of the dance, the daily experience of life, each and every step along the way!

How are you enjoying your daily dance through life today? Please comment below. I’d love to hear of the joyful movements you’re experiencing.

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