Even though crazy, painful, challenging, frustrating, terrible and difficult things happen in life, it doesn’t mean that our life has to be that way.


Those are just things that happen. Who we are and how we choose to happen to what happens determines how our life will be. So among all that crazy terrible frustrating pain, let’s choose to happen joyfully in whatever comes our way.

It’s said that it takes 21 days to form a habit so as a little bonus, we’re going to take 26 days and choose joy no matter what! To help keep you on track, “The ABC’s of Joyful Living” will be a simple guide to help you recognize, feel and share the joy you discover and create every day. I’m all about things being simple thus the ABC’s and now I’ll give you a simple 1-2-3 step process to follow in joining the JOY MOVEMENT!

1. Capture and Post a picture, video, or written word, or any and all of them, of a simple moment of joy that goes along with the letter for the day. See the ABC list here. The simplest way is to start with A and work your way to Z! But if you feel the need or desire to skip around by all means, feel free, just make sure you get through all 26 letters/days. If your moment of joy for that day isn’t something you recognize as already being a part of your day, then create it!

2. Use the hashtag #sharethejoymovement and Tag/Invite someone you know and love along for the joyful journey. The more the merrier, uh I mean joyier! Yeah, I can create a new word if I want!

3. Sign up for my email list in the top right sidebar where I will send regular short sweet and simple reminders, tips and inspiration on how to experience joyful living in your everyday lives.

So that’s it, simple, ABC and 1-2-3! JOIN the JOY MOVEMENT!

Let’s share the simple joys we are all experiencing throughout the world and in our various circumstances. Let’s see what a difference we can make in the world by simply sharing one moment of joy each and every day.

By sharing the joy you experience every day you can make a difference! Join the movement and see how you can make an impact on the world and in your own life and the lives of those around you by being a living example of the power to choose and experience joy every day and in every circumstance.