“A man should hear a little music…every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.”  —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you read my post on Dance this one on Music is a bit like it.

It’s not about actual notes, chords and lyrics that are played or sung on a piano, guitar, violin or choir. While that is all wonderful music that we ought to be listening to every day as well.

This is about the Music of everyday life.

Listening to the notes, chords and lyrics that we might not be tuning into each day. Hearing the songs that are being sung in silence. Being okay with chords that maybe create more dissonance than harmony. Understanding the deeper meaning of the lyrics of life.

So just like my dance with my trusty old escort, here’s a sample of the music I was able to hear and enjoy today.

My phone played its previously selected tune right on cue! Waking me from a deep and relaxing sleep.

It’s melody kept telling me it was time to get up and enjoy a new day. While thought lyrics in my mind kept saying go back to sleep just a little bit longer.

Suddenly cymbals clanged loud and clear across my head. Remembering that I had to substitute teach a yoga class. I bolted out of bed!

The tempo quickly picked up from its slow melodic morning to one of frantic frenzy. Each passing minute was like a loud and constant click of a metronome. Keeping me on task and getting me to where I needed to be when I needed to be there.

My car started at the push of a button. Real music to my ears. Especially with all the crazy car trouble I’ve had off and on lately but that’s a sad and sorry song for another time 😉

I made it to the studio in time. Phew!

Soon I welcomed the joyful sounds of not just one or two but seventeen bodies and souls. The voices of friendly chatter echoing through out the studio as everyone carefully found their spot and placed their mats on the wooden floor created a song that was truly joyful to my soul.

Knowing that each one of them had come seeking something there. Something that I could offer them through the movement and connection of yoga in body, mind and soul. So I had to tune in deep to my own inner music. Trusting that my preparation, insight and intuition would ring through clearly as needed.

As I came and sat upon my mat confidently taking my place as the conductor of this beautiful orchestra, the chatter began to decrescendo. All eyes were on me. The concert was about to begin!

And although I did have some actual music playing in the background as we moved and breathed and balanced our way through various poses and postures. Also providing some extra fun and deeper understanding with its beats, sounds and messages.

Yet truly the most calming and reassuring music that I heard and felt during that hour was in the breaths of each person present.

With each inhale we were able to breathe in love and gratitude and each exhale let go of fear and worry. A powerful flowing concerto was created as we all synced up in breath and movement. Songs of gratitude, love, joy, and peace were silently sung as we moved, and laughed and played our way through each and every measure of our movement.

After leaving that joyful musical expression. I came home to a much different one.

TV and computers and hungry kids all blaring their discordant sounds. I could’ve added to the screamo that was happening with some complaints of my own. But instead I chose to listen to and feel the real music and message being masked in the loud dissonance.

As I tuned in, I heard and felt great peace and deep gratitude for my many blessings.

My children were all well and safe. The house was still standing. We had electricity, internet, food and clothes and means of transportation. So many other bells were going off in my mind and heart as I thought of how blessed I am.

I also heard the voices of children simply wanting a little love and recognition from their mother. That in and of itself is a joyful song to hear and one I’m honored to get to listen to. Even though the songs they now sing as teenagers and adults aren’t always as pleasant and sweet as when they were young children. They still sing the same lyrics of desiring love and acceptance.

Throughout the rest of the day we experienced a few rewrites and repeats. And we even had to change the station and tune completely a couple times. But we were all able to get what and where we needed just fine. And I truly enjoyed the music of the day as it played out perfectly.

So here are some suggestions of sweet sounds of music that you might be tuning out because they’re not really considered music. But if you choose to tune into them a bit more, maybe you can hear their grand symphony telling you how blessed and loved you truly are.

  • Clean Water running in pipes.
  • Feet running and walking on the ground.
  • Children playing. Children crying.
  • Cell phones ringing, beeping, texting, tweeting, connecting.
  • Computers loading, downloading, crashing, storing, sending.
  • Microwaves, stoves, ovens, fridges and freezers…heating, cooking, cooling, preserving.
  • Air conditioners! (On these hot summer days. If they’re running they are sweet music to our ears and skin!)
  • A warm soft bed…inviting, relaxing, resting.
  • Clean clothes to put on.
  • Washing machines and dryers that clean those clothes.
  • Cars, planes, trains, buses…traveling, moving, carrying, taking, picking up people, places and things.
  • Clerks, cashiers, waiters, chefs, receptionists…bringing, bagging, checking, helping, serving.

And the list could go on and on. But, hopefully you get the idea and start tuning into the sweet musical notes that are being played in your everyday life.

As you begin to tune into your own inner music and hear more clearly the sounds of your soul, your life will begin to fill with great joy, and you will discover more peace and purpose on your path.

Because we are all unique and have our own paths to pursue, the music you hear and play will vary from others. And it will even vary from day to day and experience to experience in your own life.

Some will be soft and sweet bells of simple recognition and kind loving expressions. Others will be loud crushing cymbals or deep tympanic drums pounding in your heart an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy or reverberating old beliefs and fears.

Maybe they will come across more like a wail or screech telling you to slow down, or let go of something, some thought or belief or relationship that isn’t adding to the proper creation of your particular movement of life at this time.

But trust the music, trust the “sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul” it is just what you need when you need it to help you best learn and grow.

So many are the sweet sounds of music! What beautiful melodies and exciting beats we can experience! Such immense joy, peace and gratitude can be heard and felt in our everyday life… if we just choose to listen!

What music do hear and what sounds and symphonies are you creating in your joyful living?


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