sueAs a child I remember happily bouncing on my father’s knees as he would sing: “riding along so nice and smooth, nice and smooth, nice and smooth… when all of a sudden…” he’d separate his knees “the bottom fell out” and down I’d fall laughing as he would lift me back up and do it again.

Fast forward several years into my adult life, living my dream as a wife and mother, life was riding along nice and smooth, and all of a sudden the bottom fell out. Things took an unexpected turn and the stable world and life I thought I knew was no more. Only this time I wasn’t laughing. It hurt to fall!

And I stayed down for a while too because getting back up this time wasn’t as easy as just having my dad or anyone else, pull me up.

Eventually, I did pull myself back up and now I’m riding along through life again, happier and better than before. It’s not always nice and smooth, but it’s strong and purposeful.

Looking back, I realize that the fall wasn’t as all of a sudden as it had seemed at the time either, but rather, a lot of little things causing wear and tear and neglect along the way which ultimately lead to the foundational support of what appeared to be a stable life, to give way and break apart.

Since that first fall out, I have learned some valuable tools that have helped me to recognize what those neglects and small shifts and tears are, how to heal from them and how to build a strong, purposeful and confident Self that knows how to avoid falling and breaking apart regardless of how bumpy and shattered the ride through life may be.

Learning these tools has taught me that there is joy to be found in everything! And when you find the joy in everything than everything in life becomes a joyful living experience!

One of the biggest things that I learned from the fall out is that I must take care of myself. My Whole Self—body, mind and spirit. I began a journey into whole foods and plant based eating and I’ve never switched back to how I ate before. I lost a lot of weight, overcame several auto immune and mental and emotional diseases simply by changing my relationship with food. This is definitely a relationship I am going to keep learning and growing in and living happily with as long as I eat. It’s also what led me to becoming a certified nutritional therapist.

Having more energy, being free of debilitating diseases and feeling better about being in my body led me to discover yoga! Oh boy do I love yoga! It is the ultimate body, mind and spirit connection! And as a 200 RYT certified yoga teacher I love sharing and teaching and learning all I can about yoga.

I have always been a very spiritual person but when life knocked me down as deep and hard as it did I found that there was more to being whole in spirit than just being spiritual. And I am constantly working at strengthening and improving in spirit. Fortunately life keeps giving me all kinds of opportunities to practice every day!

Understanding the importance of the body, mind, spirit connection and discovering how simple daily things can help build and strengthen that union, is what pulled me back up and led me to becoming an author of “The ABC’s of Joyful Living: Simple Ways to Create Joy Everyday Regardless of Your Circumstances.”  

The tools and connections I learned are simple and yet extremely powerful! It is my sincere joy to be able to share them with you. One of the greatest feelings in life is to help others feel the real joy that comes from being whole in body, mind and spirit. It is my intent and purpose in creating this site, sharing the ideas and providing the services that I do, that you too may discover the great power that lies within you to truly experience joyful living and that regardless of your circumstances, you may know that you are welcome here, you are loved here and you can find peace and joy here—not only on my site but in this world, in your relationships, in your life and in all of your living!

If you’ve ever experienced any sort of physical, emotional or spiritual fall out in your life and are struggling to pull and keep yourself up or feel like things are beginning to crumble beneath you and you’d like some support and help in keeping things from totally falling apart, please take action to take care of yourself and find out how simple and powerful it is to build a strong and whole you. The simplest place to begin is to Start here and for further help in creating a strong stable Self check out my coaching services here.