Rediscover Joy – One Step at a Time, One Day at a Time


In my book, The ABCs of Joyful Living, it is my pleasure to literally lead you along a path to rediscover joy, from A to Z; Awareness to Zest. Now, in a series of blog posts, I’ll be sharing many of the insights that I offered in my book, in the hope that you too will discover a few of the secrets that I’ve learned about keeping joy in my life daily.

If these posts also lead you to buy my book, that will also add to my joy!

Before we move into the alphabetized list of tips, I’d like to share a few thoughts on Joy: why it matters and how you can experience it, regardless of where you may otherwise be in your life.

JOY – Just Open Yourself

First, while it may seem counterintuitive, it’s important to understand that living in joy is possible regardless of circumstance. How can I say this? Because the capacity for experiencing joy is not based on external factors in your life. It’s within you, it’s who you are, regardless of those factors.

As I wrote I my book, “All you need to do is Just Open Yourself to the possibilities of living joyfully regardless of your circumstances.” (Yikes! Did I just quote myself?)

You see, if you open yourself to the possibility that joy is always available to you, you will greatly increase your chances of discovering it. If you simply recognize and receive all the joy that you are, and all the joy you can have, and all the joy you can give, you will then open yourself to that potential of joyful living being a part of your everyday life.

As a result, daily living becomes far less complicated, thinking positively will become a normal part of your life, and you will be able to enjoy mindful living – in gratitude and delight – in tune with the Universe.

While accomplishing this is obviously easier said than done, the posts that will follow can be used as guides to help you get there… The concepts and practices that are necessary to enable you to Just Open Yourself to JOY!

Stay tuned for my next post on Awareness, and how being mindful is the first step to opening yourself to experiencing more joy in your life.

Did this peak your interest? Are you curious about how you can rediscover joy and keep it in your daily life? If so, go grab a copy of my book, The ABCs of Joyful Living, and let me know how the steps I outline in it have helped you have more joy.

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