What are We Searching For? A Look at Becoming Aware.

In our search through life we always seem to be looking for the best and simplest way to get something we want. A new car, new house, new clothes, new relationship…more money, more friends, more recognition… a better more fit and trim body, better health, better hair, better job…the list goes on. We turn to social media, TV, movies, radio, magazines and other mass media news, looking, searching, longing, hoping, dreaming… We see others clearly achieving what we so desperately want but is always just out of our own grasp. We tell ourselves that as long as we keep searching, we’ll eventually find and have all that we’ve ever wanted and everything will be wonderful and we will finally experience joy and peace and bliss in life. So we keep searching, and we keep reaching and grasping and almost getting but never quite having what we want. So we search and search some more.

I know firsthand what this endless search is like. And that’s just it….it’s endless.

What if I told you that you could end that search and have what you’re looking for right now? What if I told you that you’ve always had what you’re looking for but just didn’t know it?

As long as we keep searching for things outside ourselves we’ll never understand what power and peace already lies within ourselves. We’ll never get what we want if we can’t see what we have. We’ll never be who we want to be if we don’t know who we are. Thus first and foremost, we must become AWARE!

“Awareness leads to your highest self; ego leads to your earthbound self. When you let the divine grow within you, awareness will be what you bring to ALL aspects of your life.” –Wayne Dyer

So who are you? Do you know and understand the power and purpose that you have here in this life, on this earth, right now, right where you are?

We are not our job description or our title or the many other labels, and hats we wear and give ourselves to define ourselves in life and society.

We are true divine powerful beings with infinite purpose and power to love and serve and bless others. We are light! We are love! We are Joy!

Often, in our searching for the best and simplest ways to get what we want, when we do find something that seems like it could be “it”, we want to know the answers to: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. We may ask ourselves things like: Who is saying it? Why should I listen to what they’re saying? Who is what they’re saying for? Where and how can I get what they’re saying? When can I have what they’re saying I can have? Why do I want what they’re offering? How do I apply what their saying to my own life?

Well I don’t have all the answers… but I do have some great experiences that have helped me find a lot of them and that I can share with you to help you find the answers and the life that you’re searching for. The things I’ve experienced and discovered have led me to believe that searching for what we want doesn’t have to be endless. In fact, we can end our search and have what we want, what we’ve always had… simply by turning within and becoming aware.

Become Aware of WHAT, WHO, WHERE and WHEN? You may be asking. Also WHY should I become aware? And finally HOW do I become aware?

Well, over the next several weeks I will be sharing some of my experiences focusing on the concepts that I have composed in my book: “The ABC’s of Joyful Living: Simple Ways to Create Joy Everyday Regardless of your Circumstances”  Through these posts we will discover answers to the common questions of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How to have more JOY in your life every day!

So stay tuned and join me on this Joyful Journey of greater Awareness into ourselves, our purpose and our lives.

We’ve already begun with Awareness. So please share with me so that I know better what to share with you next time by commenting below and responding to these questions: What have you become aware of in yourself and your life? What do you want to have greater awareness of?


  • Holly says:

    Great post! Well done Sue! This gave me a lot to think about. It must feel amazing to get off the endless search for more and become more aware of the many ways I am blessed. Im committing to having more awareness & and being present in the magic of the moment and the people in my life. You’re right, the joy is available now. You continually inspire me and I look forward to reading more from you!

    • Sue Squire says:

      Holly, I love how you’re committing to being aware and present in the magic of the moment. Beautiful. I’m grateful to be able to experience many great joyful moments with you.

  • Julie Mohler says:

    I’ve become more aware of my life’s mission. And that I love helping people to believe they can heal their body’s. And if you love to do your mission it’s not work it’s just joy! Thanks Sue

    • Sue Squire says:

      Julie, I’m so grateful for you and how you help others and especially me right now in becoming more aware of the true power we do indeed have to heal our bodies! Thank You.

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