Sue came into my life in a way that was unexpected but so welcome. Her gifts have blessed my life over and over again. She is gentle and solid but firm in her abilities to push me further than I could go by myself. Sue has been a delight in every way. Sue has a firm knowledge in how the body can be strengthened and is a wealth of information about healthy practices. Every time I work with her, I am left with gratitude that she is teaching me how to be happier, more present, and live my best life physically and spiritually. Sue is a true master and I am still discovering her mad skills. My life is better with Sue in it!

Ashlee M.

I felt connected to Susan Groberg Squire within minutes of meeting her! She carries a deep, quiet inner peace and joy that is intriguing and has the unique ability to create emotional safety for those who are seeking support and healing. Susan has been instrumental in helping me through some of the horrific challenges that come with divorce and the many adjustments that follow such a life change. She is one of several people I think to call first when I am in need of processing and helps me in returning to a centered place where I can find truth and experience the liberation that comes from feeling empowered. Susan is a reflection of her program and what she teaches and comes highly recommended as a mentor, life coach and friend!

Becky M.