After a personal fall out in life I began slowly picking myself up and trying to put the pieces of my life back together.

I thought that I’d be able to get back to functioning fine and that was all I could hope for. But as I worked, slowly piece by piece, day by day, I began to recognize how simple and how present so many valuable things were that made it possible to actually experience joy again! I thought it was lost for good and that I wouldn’t be able to have real joy in life but would just have to deal with my circumstances the best I could and keep on going. How grateful I am that I learned that wasn’t the case! I didn’t have to consign myself to a life without joy but I could have it every day regardless of my circumstances.

And thus “The ABC’s of Joyful Living” was created!

This book contains 26 of my favorite simple and valuable tools I discovered on my journey of personal transformation to everyday joyful living. Throughout its pages you will find my own stories of how I came to recognize where joy truly lies and how those experiences have lead me to be the sueperson that I am today and to experience a truly joyful life. I share how such principles can work in your life too with real application to whatever circumstances you are in.

So go ahead and pick up a copy! Begin your simple journey to joy today!

And stay tuned for more upcoming ABC books to help guide you in other areas of your joyful experience in life. And some fun ones that are just a joyful experience to read in and of themselves!

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"This is one of my favorite all around books! I could not put it down! It inspires you to look at new ways of living a fuller and more abundant life and to experience the true joy in all things. I am a better person for having read this book! Thank you!"

"Really loved reading this book. It is totally delightful. The alphabetization makes it particularly easy to review and remember. I'll keep it close for uplifting and intelligent and creative ideas."

"This book is the new standard on my nightstand. It's simply lovely. It's a book you can open and be lifted and inspired by any page you happen upon or consumed slowly from A to Z. It helped me remove the fear and complication I'd made in my mind surrounding joy and happiness - to making the leap to living the principles in my daily life. At the end of each letter/chapter is a succinct page of suggestions and challenges to help open yourself to living a joyful life. Excellent variety of quotes to add to your understanding. It will be my new 'go-to' gift for friends and family.”"

"This is a book you will want to read and re-read. It is full of wisdom; a book for everyone seeking a joyful life. I do some of things the author talks about, but she gave me a fresh outlook on many things and a lot of ideas that have caused me to consider living differently. I highly recommend this book.”"

"The ABC's of Joyful living is a book you can read straight through or take your time and examine each chapter. The perspectives that it offers on life, and how you can elevate your own situation, should make this book required reading for all!"