No, this is not about a Poltergeist attack or anything like that. It’s actually quite the opposite. At least it was for me.

So one week a year, my kids go and spend that time with their dad on vacation. And I have the entire week all to myself!

Some of you moms are probably freaking out at the thought of an entire week without kids. You’re lucky to have even five minutes and would be so grateful if you could just get that. Well, let me tell you, I’ve been there too. And a whole week without kids is wonderful in a way, but also very difficult and sad in other ways.

The week starts out okay. It can get a little too quiet that first night though. It’s amazing all the sounds and creaks a house makes when there isn’t all the other sounds of daily living from a house full of people. Gradually, I start to adjust to it and even learn to like it. A lot actually. The quiet becomes my comforting companion.

“I’m going to get so much done this week,” I confidently tell myself. And I have every intention of doing so.

It’s amazing though how we can use our situations and others to blame for our own lack of drive and commitment. When my kids are home and I don’t get everything done that I had hoped to, I say it’s because they were always interrupting or demanding of me to do other things. When my kids are gone, it’s because it was too quiet and easy to get distracted in doing other things.

Either way, it is always up to me how I choose to use my time and feel about what I do or don’t get done in any given day.

I did actually manage to get quite a bit done. And I let myself be okay with all I didn’t get done.
I also made sure to have some fun. I got together with some friends, watched a movie or two, pampered myself by getting a massage and cleaning the house, yes, cleaning house is actually fun when you can truly enjoy it staying clean for longer than a day!

Then all too quickly, my week of solitude and solace was coming to an end. They’d be home any minute now. I received a text they were on their way back.

I had to mentally and physically prepare myself and brace for impact.

In they came, one by one, dropping their suitcases and duffle bags full of dirty laundry and who knows what else they picked up during the week. My clean quiet solace was no more.

But my joy was full! My home was filled with laughter and voices and movement again. All was right and wonderful in my world because they’re back in my world!

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