What to do When your Plans don’t go according to Plan

We all wake up with a great plan for the day. Often we even go to bed the night before with a plan in mind. But what do you do when what you had planned just isn’t an option anymore?

You could get all upset and bummed and be miserable and sad that you weren’t able to do what you wanted to do. Give up on the day and just forget about trying to accomplish anything.

You could get angry and be mean to whoever made things not go according to plan. You could curse God and the universe for messing up your well intended plan. You could beat yourself up for not making a better plan.


You could decide to be spontaneous and go on an adventure to come up with a new plan and choose to love it and find great joy in it, no matter what it is!

I had such an opportunity today.

I knew the inspector was coming to check out my house this morning. I was planning on him being here a couple hours and that we’d just be able to go about our regular plans for the day. But when he came he said it’d be best if we were out of the house and it’d probably be around 4 hours that we’d need to be gone.


I have to get everyone out of the house for over 4 hours? What the heck does he think I’m supposed to do? Turning my house over to him to go through for the day is one thing but letting go of my entire plan for the day and all I need to get done is quite another.

Those were some thoughts that briefly crossed my mind but instead of freaking out, getting angry and panicking about what to do…I got all the kids up and told them we had a change of plans and needed to be out of the house as soon as possible.

Amazingly enough they didn’t freak out too much! And soon we were all in the car heading out.

We decided to go out for breakfast, something we haven’t done together in a very long time. So that was a nice way to spend a couple hours. Now, what to do next?

Go shopping for some furniture and other things for the new house. That took a couple hours and was in and of itself quite an adventure. But our unplanned adventure was just getting started!

It was raining quite heavily.

We managed to get everything loaded up in the car. Then finally received word that we could go home now. Yeah!

Turn the key to start the car and head home…But no…there was a different plan in play. My car wouldn’t start. The battery was completely dead!

What a terrible inconvenience. What a mess to my plans that were actually looking to fall back in to place… now that we could go home.

But instead of getting upset and angry at the situation…we laughed and were able to add one more fun thing to our spontaneous adventure for the day. We got the jumper cables out and took care of it. No big deal. Just a few more minutes to be out and about enjoying the events of the day.

A few more adventures came up that I won’t take the time to mention now. We eventually made it back home and were able to settle back into normal at home.

All day we were away from the comforts and conveniences of home. We were unable to do what we had originally planned. But we ended up having a really fun time together. One of the best days we’ve had in a long time! It was such a joyful fun and memorable day. I couldn’t have planned it any better had I tried!

So when things don’t go according to plan…

Be grateful for the opportunity to be open to something new!

Laugh and let go of any expectations that things will go according to plan. They seldom do. Regardless of how well planned out something may be, chances are something is going to go awry. So smile and go with it and love it for the joyous adventure it is.

Trust that things will turn out alright, possibly even better than you could have planned.





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